Our schools have a diverse group of students coming all over from the neighboring villages. Our children are all exited to learn and experiment in their unconventional classrooms ! They start the day with morning  prayer and recitation of poems and stories. Ending with fun art classes !


A small peak into the work we do for the communities. Ranging  from women empowerment  and promoting local crafts to giving a platform to traditional musicians and artisans we try to do as much as we can. By bringing communities together we aim to make a positive impact on our society. Every donation helps us reach closer to our vision for a better and equal world.


All the work we have done, we have tried to do in a sustainable manner respecting mother Nature. We have been planting trees all over the Aravalli foothills and in and around our school and have now planted more than 3000 trees with the help of villagers ! We take care of abandoned cows and provide them with food and shelter in our Gaushala. We have now over 35 happy cows with us. The scarcity of water in our area led us to build 3 Johads ( rain water collection pits) where all birds and animals from near and far come to drink water. 


Memories of our annual events we held in the previous years successfully with the support of our wonderful guests. Slum Boys Cricket Tournament was a huge success. We help raise awareness about Child line in this event and hope to gain volunteers.

Our Annual Art Mela For World Peace is an eight day event with artists from all over the world come and volunteer. Students from various schools come to participate. Our children put up  beautiful dance performances on stage.

A doctor’s visit is organised every week for the villagers and the children to provide them with healthcare as hospitals are distant.