“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. ”                                                                                                                  —Martin Luther King Jr

Villages in Rural India don’t have properly scheduled transportation services.
Children of a few villages in Alwar like Dadikar, Dhani, Hajipur, Hajipur Bas, Lapada, Kiron Ki Dhani and Mach Ka Tiraya too suffer from the same problem.

Community Bus Service

Due to unreliable bus services, children skip school regularly. The foundation has started a free bus service to help with the situation.

This bus also takes girls from nearby villages to Alwar city for attending school.

Community Based Schools

In agrarian communities in India, there is no other industry. People during certain times of the year have no other means of earning and growth. One such area is Virat Nagar in Jaipur. Perennially, children of these communities have to work in fields or gaze their cattle. Child marriage is also prevalent in such areas.

The foundation then opened 2 community based schools for drop-out girls in Ban-ganga and Kheda giving them basic primary education and 2 sewing centers for women to train them to earn a livelihood.

Helping Madarsas to adopt a regular syllabus and working towards a peaceful coexistence.

Interfaith Project

The foundation is helping to introduce a regular syllabus in the Madarsas that are otherwise only teaching Urdu, Arabic and the Quran.

The idea is to establish the Advaita Garden School model and provide basic primary education to children who are in need of a quality education.    The foundation is working with 1-Madarsa and 3-Sewing centers for women.

Art Mela

For World Peace

Art mela is an 8 day event specially designed for the children of the ‘Nat and Raj nat (Kanjer)’ communities to draw and paint with the children of the mainstream communities in an atmosphere of joy and fun.
The event is guided by eminent artists from India and abroad. About 1000 children participate in the event

Slumboys Cricket Tournament

For Communal Harmony

A 10 day event is organized by the foundation for the children of urban slums.
The purpose of the tournament is to create Childline volunteers from the slums.
The Childline project receives most of the calls from the slums. So there is a need for mass awareness for the Childline service.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by the foundation with the children living in Government homes and Homes run by NGO’s. A get together is organized and children tie rakhi on each other’s wrist. Traditionally sisters have been tying Rakhi on the wrist of her brother on this day and the brother promises to take care of her and protect her.